10 notable NameJet sales including a dot.com bust – Domain Name Wire

Here are some of the notable sales from NameJet last month including an infamous name.

NameJet sold 112 domain names for at least $2,000 last month. The total sales value of these high-priced sales was $672,000.

Here are ten sales worth discussing.

CPT.com $69,000 – 50 million Google search results for CPT.

DTU.com $27,800 – The acronym for universities in Denmark and Delhi.

Apologize.com $19,300 – I must not be in a creative mood because I can’t think of something good to use this domain for.

PhotoJournal.com $11,301 – A nice domain for a service that helps people keep online photo journals.

Gunslinger.com $10,600 – A good brand name that invokes power. Also the name of the first novel in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

ShortStories.com $9,100 – What a fantastic domain for a writing/publishing site.

Clobber.com $3,302 – I dig this domain as a brandable.

KeyMetrics.com $3,502 – A little too generic for a brand name, but a common business topic.

DrKoop.com $3,200 – Talk about a walk down memory lane! This dot-com bust was located just down the street from me in Austin. Reminds me of a domain I own that is my own little piece of the dot.com bust: Zaplets.com. Zaplets.com’s parent company raised $100 million back in the bubble.

FunFoods.com $2,800 – The alliteration makes this a good name for a marketing campaign.


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