18 More End User Domain Name Sales – Domain Name Wire

A perfume retailer, app developer and vitamin company recently bought domain names.

This past week was a fun one for end user domain name sales. The list crosses a number of industries, top level domains and purposes.

I’m especially impressed by the $15,500 sale of SnowFlake.co.uk. You don’t see prices like that on .co.uk domain names too often. I also like UpGift.com for $18,000 and am interested to see what the buyer develops.

Another fun sale was a guy who bought a hack of his last name using the new top level domain .band.

Here are 18 domain names:

UpGift.com $18,000 – The buyer is using Whois privacy but has uploaded a logo/holding page. Interestingly, there’s an unrelated site at UpGifter.com.

Korbit.com $17,500 – The domain forwards to Korbit.co.kr, a site for trading bitcoin and other digital currencies.

SnowFlake.co.uk $15,500 – Snowflake Computing U.K. Limited.

Baze.com $14,000 – Baze offers customized vitamins.

2Days.com $11,000 – Bright Ventures Pty Ltd owns 2Days.com.au, a service that connects executives with two-day-a-week engagements.

Protected.net $7,449 – The domain is now resolving to an online security software company but the Whois hasn’t changed yet.

FragranceNet.cn €6,000 – Online perfume seller FragranceNet.com.

ExpoCloud.com $5,000 – WWM GmbH & Co.KG is a company in Germany that offers services to expo hall vendors to capture and track leads.

Entertainments.com £4,999 – This domain has a snazzy coming soon page that says “Entertainments.com will be your entertainment partner for life.”

LandofDistraction.com $4,800 – Distraction Wear USA Inc is a company in L.A. Its website DistractionWear.com says it’s coming soon.

Intra.cloud €3,950 – intraHouse is a web development shop.

MBL.eu €3,800 – Maschinenbau Leicht GmbH is a mechanical engineering company.

AppExperience.com €3,000 – Netservice de Toekomst publishes iPhone and other apps.

EventHost.com $2,900 – This is a good exact match…it forwards to MCDirectory.net, a site for finding MCs for events.

JungGroup.com $2,799 – Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG uses the domain name Jung.de.

Hals.band €2,574 – How is this for a domain hack? It was purchased by a guy whose last name is Halsband. He also owns Halsband.com.

Partyland.de €2,146 – The domain now forwards to Party-Land.se.

SocialMediaTV.com $2,010 – True Sync Media creates display entertainment for retail, bars, dentists and more.


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