Dynadot to host domain name meetup in San Francisco in July – Domain Name Wire

Domain meetup to take place in the center of the tech universe.

Domain name registrar Dynadot is hosting a meetup[1] in San Francisco next month. I’m not aware of any recent domain name meetups in the city, and you’d think it would be a hotbed for this sort of event.

The meetup will take place July 27 from 6-9 PM at the Triple Voodoo Brewery at 2245 3rd Street San Francisco, CA, 94107.

Registration is free[2] and the event is open to anyone 21 and over.

I’m a big fan of meetups like this. It’s a great way catch up with people in the industry between conferences. Given Dynadot’s customer base and its location in San Francisco, this should also be a good meetup for networking with startups as well.


  1. ^ hosting a meetup (www.sfdomainmeetup.com)
  2. ^ Registration is free (www.sfdomainmeetup.com)

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