16 end user domain name sales – Domain Name Wire

A coffee company, a domain name registrar and an adventure tour operator recently bought domain names in the aftermarket.

This week I found 16 end user sales among Sedo’s reported domain name sales of $2,000 or more. Keep in mind, as always, that many of the recent sales are still in escrow, have Whois privacy, or otherwise can’t be directly tied to an end user.

Here’s the list of end user sales I uncovered:

(You can view previous lists like this here.)

Nomeo.com €15,000 – The buyer runs Nomeo.be, a domain name registrar.

Padz.com $9,000 – The buyer is an individual connected to VillasDirect Limited, a real estate company. So Padz is a play on “pads”.

AdventureX.com $6,000 – Adventure tour operator Matt Prior. His website is MPadventureacademy.com.

CoffeeLand.com $5,000 – CoffeeLand is a coffee roaster in Taiwan that is moving into the U.S. market.

DailyGo.com $4,995 – FutureTV Group creates online video content. It is getting ready to develop DailyGo.com.

Ditaro.com $4,999 – This company appears to be an internet service and TV provider.

Dchat.com $4,000 – CuteSoft is a software developer. One of its products is CuteChat.

EnergyTrade.com $3,888 – The buyer is setting up a page for trading energy and energy spreadbetting.

RussianDiamonds.com $3,500 – Maxim Artsinovich in Russia. His name is tied to a jewelry company.

HundsonReed.ca $3,500 Hundson Reed is a bathroom fixtures brand.

Hayaa.com $3,499 – According to the buyer’s LinkedIn page, this FinTech startup is “currently developing a seamless lifestyle web and app platform for UAE residents”.

Edgly.com $3,375 – Transloadit has a CDN called Edgly. The domain forwards to a page on Transloadit’s website.

Bugg.com $3,000 – BUGG Products LLC sells bug spray.

MedMarine.com $3,000 – MedMarine is a marine shipping company in Turkey. The domain now forwards to MedMarine.com.tr.

WhatsHealth.com £2,000 – Optimum Solutions is a holistic health consultant in Lafayette, Louisiana.

FastLane.net $2,000 – Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH. The company’s website is at FLane.com.


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