Judging 13 domain names at a community pool – Domain Name Wire

Some good, some bad.

The community pool and gym I go to in Austin has a number of supporters, and it displays banners for some of these supporters on the pool fence. I often reflect on the quality of domain names on the banners and thought I’d run through them with you. There are 13 in total, so I’m going to split this into two posts.

Let’s get started with the first seven banners…


This is a good geo domain that states exactly what the company does and the location. My concern with the domain is that people might remember it as the singular ENTAustin.com. That domain name is owned by someone else.


People in Austin know about StDavids.com, a major hospital chain. A nice, short domain.


A Realtor owns LakelineOaks.com, which was registered well before the retirement community. This domain is long but emphasizes what type of community it is.

Ready to Run

They may be ready to run, but you can’t run directly to their website after seeing this ad. They have a domain name — ReadyToRunTexas.com — but it’s not on the banner.


Oh, dear. Drop the USA and you go to a completely different bank.


I’m sure you know what I think about this one. The hyphen would actually be OK to break up the two words if the company also owned the unhyphenated version. It does not.


I’m feeling nostalgic, so I’ll give them a pass for the hyphen.

See the remaining 6 banners in an upcoming post.


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