17 end user domain name sales up to $50000 – Domain Name Wire

Three letter domain name is top end user domain name sale of the week.

Sedo’s top reported sale of the week was Nom.com. However, the domain is still in escrow so the buyer isn’t known. This isn’t an investor price these days, so it was probably an end user.

But another three letter domain name has cleared escrow and tops the end user list this week: EPG.com for $50,000.

Find out details on this sale and other end user domain buys in this list:

(You can view previous lists like this here.)

EPG.com $50,000 – Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. is a logistics software company. This is a nice improvement over ehrhardt-partner.com.

Amedico.com $9,000 – Amedico provides in-home, on demand healthcare. It originally registered Amedico.life, but with the .com purchase the .life domain now forwards to .com.

EPXT.com $8,687 – Electronic Payments, Inc. does what its name says. I imagine the domain will be used for a product name.

TeenDrivers.com $8,200 – Tail Light, LLC makes apps for car dealers.

Bluevent.com $6,000 – Luwa Air Engineering AG bought this domain. It might be connected to bluevent-gmbh.de.

Wmax.com €4,500 – The owner needs to update the Whois for this domain. The email in whois is dns (at) wmax.com, so the owner has set up email on the domain already.

Wise.de €4,300 – a CSC client bought this domain.

Menu.ch €4,000 – MENU Technologies AG has an app that lets customers order and pay for their food at restaurants. They use the domain UseMenu.com.

Mediket.com $4,000 – The domain name now forwards to skincare site Mediket.ch.

Jung-Group.com $3,490 – Building control company Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG uses the domain name Jung.de.

NYC.ai $2,999 – The buyer is the managing director of Future Labs, a business accelerator in New York City.

CallMed.com $2,999 – MedCore provides onsite medical services for companies and government entities.

Meinfest.com $2,875 – Mobile payments company MEINFEST GmbH in Germany.

BrandPropeller.com $2,650 – Kwikee’s Brand Propeller is a product photography service.

MeetAtlanta.com $2,500 – Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

EdBell.com $2,377 – A guy whose name is Edward Bell.

PineLife.com $2,000 – Pine Life is an outdoor clothing company like Patagonia.


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