iOS 11 might make QR codes cool again – Domain Name Wire

QR reader built into camera in next version of iOS.

You can scan this QR code rather than type in

Remember QR codes? Scanning one makes it easy to visit a URL or get other information. It’s supposed to be a lot easier than typing a long URL. But they never really took off, at least in the U.S.

Part of the problem is that users have to install a third-party app in order to read QR codes. So if I see one, I have to download (or open) an app made by some obscure company before reading the code. I’d rather just type a domain name.

But this friction appears to be changing in Apple’s iOS 11, due out later this year. In the beta version, you can merely open the camera on your iPhone and point it at a QR code to read it.

That’s simple, and it might mean greater marketing adoption of QR codes.

I’m not saying these will supplant domain names, but don’t be surprised if the most prominent navigation call on an offline ad in the future is a QR code instead of a domain name. Apple has a unique capability to push adoption.


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