Lawsuit filed to recover stolen $100000 domain name – Domain Name Wire

Man says he paid $100,000 for three-letter domain name before it was stolen.

A California man has filed a lawsuit (pdf) to recover the valuable domain name

Qiang Du bought the domain name for $100,000 in April 2016. He transferred the domain name to Uniregistry after buying it. Perhaps through an email hack, the thief pushed the domain name to another account at Uniregistry and then transferred it to Chinese domain name registrar The whois record has a name and address in China, which Du alleges are false.

The in rem lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Virginia, where the .com registry Verisign is located. David E. Weslow of Wiley Rein is representing Du. He has represented a number of people who alleged domain theft.

What usually happens in these cases is the alleged thief doesn’t defend himself and the court orders the domain name transferred to the plaintiff.


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