18 end user domain name sales up to $30000 – Domain Name Wire

A cartoon artist, event management company and photography company bought domain names over the past week.

This week’s public Sedo sales were headlined by Trustwork.com, which was purchased by a new company for $30,000. SeedCompany.com was close behind at $28,000.

Other sales include a .com owner buying the matching .co.uk, a sports website company picking up a handball domain and an entrepreneur snapping up an alcohol-related .club domain name.

Here are 18 sales at Sedo that have cleared escrow and are in the hands of end users:

(You can view previous lists like this here.)

Trustwork.com $30,000 – Trustwork is a new technology development group.

SeedCompany.com $28,000 -The buyer is using Whois privacy but has switched the nameservers to AWS. You will undoubtedly see a site on this domain soon.

Snowflake.de €15,000 – The domain is still in escrow but I imagine the buyer is the same one that picked up Snowflake.co.uk recently.

ItaliaInnovation.com $10,000 – The domain forwards to innovationfoundries.com, which has a program called Italia Innovation.

Vector.co.uk £7,999 – Vector Informatik GmbH is an embedded electronics company. It uses the domain name Vector.com.

CoBase.com $5,882 – Financial Transaction Services BV in Amsterdam. The name looks like “Coinbase”, doesn’t it?

HousingMarket.com $5,000 – A Texas company called Housing Market LLC bought this domain and has started a content site on it.

Memoryfoammattress-topper.com $4,500 – And they said exact match hyphenated domains were dead! OK, I don’t know who the buyer is, but they clearly bought it for some of its existing links and traffic.

MyTheresa.dk €4,000 – MyTheresa.com, a high fashion clothing site.

AngelsEvents.com $3,500 – As best I can tell, the buyer is Angels Bespoke Events in France, which uses the domain angelsbespokeevents.com.

Handball24.com $3,450 – LiveSport Media Ltd operates a number of sports websites including ScoreBoard.com.

WSG.ch €2,700 – W. Schmid AG is a Swiss construction company.

Shiddy.com $2,500 – Dan Golden is a creative agency and this is for a comic character. This other book by the same guy is funny.

DataMind.org $2,500 – DataCamp, which offers online coding courses.

NoPic.com $2,500 – PicturePeople GmbH & Co. KG is a photography company in Germany. The domain just forwards to PicturePeople.de.

Snep.it €2,450 – Snep International Srl is a food company in Italy.

Booze.club $2,000 – The registrant company is The Robert Street Hub, which is a co-working and investment space in Manchester, England. It appears that the registrant bought it for one of his many companies.

AirportFirst.com $2,000 – National Aviation Services Co. in Kuwait.


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