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How To Choose A Good Domain Name For Your Brand?


Domain name is the key element for your brand. It can make or break as it makes the first impression when visitors see it. Exact match domains boost SEO by having keywords in the domain name. It represents your brand name and enhances the brand recognition on the web.

How to Choose a Domain Name for Brand?

Most of the times when you choose a domain name, it is already registered. Thus choosing the right and the unique domain name is very important. Here are the useful and important tips to choose a domain name for your brand.

1. Branded

Branded domain names are always better than the generic one. Whenever you share your company on the web or social media platforms, it will represent your brand. There is a key difference between branded domain name and generic one. Branded domain name is unique and generic domain name is generally stuffed with keywords. People trust on branded domain name than the generic one. You can do this by creating words which are related to your industry. Brand Ballot is a great site to look for the information and explore about the brands.

2.  Keep it Short

Keep the length of your domain name shorter. According to a study, it was found that the shorter is better and gets more attention than the longer domain. The ideal length of the domain name is 8 characters which should be short, easy to remember, not contain hyphens or numbers. The best tip is to keep it branded. On the Brand Ballot, you will get an idea about the top brands and their domain name.

3.  Use the Right Extension

An extension is a suffix that is attached to the domain name. Choosing the right domain extension is crucial. But .com is the best among all the extensions as it is the top level domain extension. Some other common TLDs are .net and .org. Depending on the industry; you can use the extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us. Avoid having the domain name that is available with different extensions. As it may divert your traffic and you will have to face the problems.

4. Utilize Keywords

Use keywords in the domain name as it will improve the SEO. But remember to utilize the keywords in the domain name rightly. The domain name should not be keyword stuffed and generic. It is recommended to keep it at the beginning of the domain name. This will help to boost the rankings in the search engine result pages. You can find the keywords using Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush or You can check Brand ballot that how the popular brands have utilized the domain name with keywords.

5.  Think Long Term

Always think long term when you’re registering the domain name. It creates the brand recognition of your company or business. So, when you choose your domain name, think long term. If your company optimize the website for Mobile products related information then you can keep the domain name as Mobilegeek.

But remember if it also talks about other electronic gadgets. Then keeping it restricted to mobile will not serve your purpose or represent your brand completely. You should not restrict yourself to a particular niche if you’re looking to expand it. Because there are money and efforts involved in the registration of the domain name, so think long term and take time before registering it.

6.  Check Social Media and Other Trademarks

Before registering a domain name, it is important to perform some research work. Check on the social media networks and other trademarks that if the domain name you’re choosing is already registered or not. You should create the social profiles with the domain name only for people to remember. It is necessary to have the same brand name on the social networks for having the brand consistency. It is advisable to stay away from the domain names that already exist for the legal issues in future.

You can use tools such as Knowem. It is a good tool to search for your potential domain name and it shows if it is available on the 25 social networks and if there is a trademark already registered or not.

7.  Avoid Using Hyphen and Numbers

It is important to keep the domain name easy to spell and pronounce. Hyphens and numbers make it difficult for both the things. So it is good to stick to letters instead of using hyphens and numbers and keep it smooth and simple. This will help the people to remember the domain name and if they type the domain name then they land to the right landing page.


Remember that domain name will have significant results on the growth of your company in an online industry. So, make sure you choose the domain name rightly by using the above useful and important tips for choosing the domain name.


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