Verisign issues statement on .cc/.tv situation in China – Domain Name Wire

Company has submitted applications but domains are not licensed for sale in China.

Last week some registrars in China dropped support for .cc and .tv domain names, both of which are managed by registry company Verisign. This was part of a directive from the Chinese government to suspend sales of a number of domains that have not yet received licenses from the government.

Verisign has a license for .com and .net, so those domains can be sold and hosted in China.

The company just issued a statement about the issue:

Verisign is engaged in discussions with the Chinese government to obtain licenses to provide domain name registry services for .cc, .tv and our Chinese IDNs. We submitted our updated applications in July 2017. We expect to begin to engage in discussions with the Chinese government about our final evaluation and ultimately obtain licenses for .cc, .tv and our IDNs.

Verisign says the domains will still be available through HiChina, Bizcn, Chinasource and 35 Tech while it awaits the government license.


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