.XYZ working to make domains available in China again – Domain Name Wire

Domains haven’t been available at Chinese domain registrars since early May.

Many Chinese domain name registrars stopped offering .xyz domain names back in May at the behest of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

At the time, XYZ CEO Daniel Negari said “CentralNic is updating RNV providers to ensure there is stability in the RNV process and do our best to stop fraudulent registrations and abuse. We remain committed to a zero tolerance policy on abuse and I think we are on the right track to maintain that.”

CentralNic is XYZ’s registry services provider. RNV is Real Names Verification.

Nearly three months later, .xyz domains still aren’t available through Chinese domain registrars. I reached out to Negari to ask what’s going on. He released this statement to Domain Name Wire:

We received approval from ICANN for a new RNV solution. We are going through the contract amendment process now and will be live in China again after that. 

As a leading registry operator, we put compliance with our registry agreement and international laws as a top priority, which is why we have been working with CentralNic and ICANN to operate a compliant RNV solution in China. My understanding is that XYZ is one of the few registries that is operating under 100% clear approvals, while many others are in a grey zone or maybe be operating without any ICANN approvals at all.


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