More end user domain sales up to $35000 – Domain Name Wire

Company pays $35,000 to buy .com matching its .co domain.

Sedo’s top reported sale last week was, but the domain is still in escrow so I can’t chart it as an end user. It probably will qualify as I doubt the buyer picked it up as an investment…but you never know.

A lot of end user sales this past week were by companies that own a ccTLD buying the matching .com domain. One paid $35,000 to get the .com to match its .co domain.

Here’s the list I uncovered:

(You can view previous lists like this here.) $35,000 – Nocks Intellect B.V., a payments service using $13,560 – British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) is an institutional investor with $135.5 CAD billion under management. $10,000 – Eyewear company Puyi Optical. Lotos Gold is a brand of eyewear. $9,000 – Audes Group is a clothing designer that designs clothes for brands, car companies etc. It uses the domain $8,000 – CSC acquired this domain for one of its clients. $7,000- CROOZ, Inc. develops ecommerce sites and social games. One of its sites is $7,000 – EBS Technologies GmbH provides therapy for a vision issue called “visual field loss”. $6,100 – Thasos offers a location data platform. $2,500 – Smart Tie International. – StayHealth GmbH is a natural products seller that uses the domain

The.Party $6,200 – This is an interesting one. The buyer is creating sites on his platform called BitHub. It describes the services like this:

Bitpub is a new cloud platform to exchange and discuss quality content, using Bitcash™ micropayments, free from advertising and spying.

Soon you will be able to join the many sites from our portfolio, each providing an online space where people and content can safely connect in the best possible way.


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