TRA sanctions sixth domain name registrar – Muscat Daily

TRA by launching this project is aiming to reflect the Omani identity and promote Arabic content. It also aims to provide better security for domain names information as registration is carried out by accredited registrars in Oman.

Interactive Solutions is joining the previously accredited registrars – Omantel, Ooredoo, Gulf CyberTech, Oman Data Park and Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP).

Abdullah Awadh al Shanfari, chief executive officer, Interactive Solutions & Services, said, “The service of our company was mainly web hosting, domain registries, programming, social media work and managing online marketing for various companies in Oman. In 2015 and 2016 we did a comprehensive research study of the Omani market and went to the US to compare prices. We found out that we offer a better pricing strategy. We became the sixth accredited registrar as we were competing with the other five registrars.

“We resolved issues in the market based on pricing. As we look at the European markets, the prices are fixed there. This was a highlight that we gave to the market and to the people.”
He said the company will offer some incentives for the users, who are willing to register through the company.

For domain names registration, applicants are advised to refer to the registration terms and conditions described in the Domain Names Regulation and the rules and guidelines issued by the Domain Names Administration of TRA.

Interactive Solutions & Services is a professional Information Technology company based in Muscat, catering to a clientele of individuals, small and medium sized businesses, big businesses and corporations. “We are proud to be an Omani company that achieves its success and growth with an Omani talent staff,” Shanfari said.


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