Interesting sales data: domains that have sold multiple times – Domain Name Wire

Which domains have sold more than once, and what returns did the owners get?, a site that compiles domain name sales data, has a cool section that shows domain names that have sold more than once. It’s a great dataset to see how people have done owning domains as well as looking for trends over time.

The “frequent movers” list shows domains that have changed hands (with publicly disclosed sales) at least twice. There are 82,000 domains with at least two public sales recorded, 11,000 with three sales and 2,700 with four sales. There are even a handful with seven, eight or nine transactions.

It also shows the annualized yield from the first sale to the last.

I was looking through the list of domains that have sold four times and came across one that I owned: Here’s what it shows:

I was the buyer in December 2009 for $1,800 and sold it in January 2016 for $3,800 on NameJet. After commission that’s $3,230, or about a 10% annualized return. That’s not so great. I probably would have done just as well in the stock market.

The person who bought it on NameJet did well, however, It looks like he sold it a couple months later for $10,000.

Looking through the data on some of these frequent sellers is very enlightening. You’ll see a lot of sales with negative returns.


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